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Atif Ansar blog on how adding manpower to late project makes it later in construction

Did You Know: Adding Manpower to a Late Project Makes it Later?

Foresight’s co-founder and professor of Megaproject Management at the Saïd Business School, at Oxford, Dr. Atif Ansar writes about Brooks Law -- which states that adding manpower to a late project makes it later -- in the Construction Channel of Data Center Dynamics.

In essence, to maintain effective organizational governance, it's critical to understand that expanding the size of a project team, even by one person, can complicate the decision-making process and the management of information. The delineation between decision-making authority and stakeholder engagement becomes muddled when the group size exceeds the range of three to seven individuals.

Thus, counter-intuitively, adding more people to a large complex project exposes it to greater risk.

Instead of adding more people to your project, consider Foresight. Our AI-enabled construction project management platform helps owners and contractors involved in megaprojects make data driven decisions by extracting insights from their complex construction schedules.

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