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The Foresight Platform Integrations

We integrate all the major construction project scheduling tools. We place the schedule at the heart of project execution, enabling project managers, controllers, and schedulers to make data-driven decisions. Our secure, scalable, fast and user-friendly platform revolutionizes your planning and execution.

How it Works

Using Artificial Intelligence, Foresight combines cutting-edge schedule insights, collaboration, and recommendations to help you improve planning, execution, and risk management. Getting started with Foresight is simple…


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STEP 1: Create your domain

As a cloud-based platform, Foresight gets you up and running quickly. All you need to do to get started is create your secure domain — no costly on-prem setup or maintenance is required.

STEP 2: Upload your files

Upload your Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project schedule files and customize your portfolio settings.

STEP 3: Get unparalleled insights

Foresight uses proprietary algorithms trained on data from thousands of real-world project schedules and their outcomes to give you unmatched insights, including:

  • Schedule quality and confidence to improve planning
  • Upcoming priorities and milestones to drive execution excellence
  • Delay predictions and risk drivers
  • Real-time progress
  • Historical trends and key learnings

STEP 4: Collaborate & Take action

Foresight empowers your team with intelligent workflows and collaborative tools to help you save time and take action, including:

  • Battlecards featuring key action items and tasks
  • Decision-making support to resolve challenges faster
  • AI-generated workflows and delay recovery plans
  • Version control and visibility as the schedule evolves
  • Tools to assign, tag, comment, and track tasks

The only AI scheduling platform that unlocks the full value of your schedule data.

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