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Solutions for Project Controls

We help project controllers, program managers, risk professionals, contract administrators and document controllers monitor and ensure project compliance with scope, quality, and cost parameters.

Goals of the Project Controls Team


Track and Manage Project Costs Effectively


Ensure Projects Align with Scope and Quality Standards


Enhance Project Predictability and Control

The Obstacles Projects Control Teams Face

Difficulty managing complex data for multiple projects

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Struggling to proactively mitigate potential project risks and delays

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Lacking the necessary data to prevent repeating past mistakes

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Master Risk and Drive Project Control

Elevate project control with Foresight's comprehensive suite of tools. Seamlessly manage project complexities and ensure timely delivery by pinpointing critical issues and strategizing effectively.


Identify Priorities and Set Action Plans 

Foresight allows you to enable role-based access, assign tasks with activity cards, and identify and communicate roadblocks and delays to the broader team.


Recognize Risks and Bottlenecks

Proactively address potential delays, ensuring that the team can quickly adapt and realign efforts.


Learn from Past Projects

Analyze past performances, identify patterns or recurring issues, and apply lessons learned to current and future projects to avoid similar pitfalls.

The only AI scheduling platform that unlocks the full value of your schedule data.

Foresight's Impact


Monthly hours saved in project meetings with quicker decision-making


Of users report higher confidence in schedule predictability


Increase in schedule quality


Less time spent in repetitive tasks

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