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Climbing the megaproject management peak

Climbing the Megaproject Management Peak of Excellence

Managing megaprojects is a massively complex task. Everyone involved must be aligned to deliver projects successfully, from on-site contractors to top-level executives. Of course, there are many ways to approach megaproject management – some more effective than others.

We’ve created the Megaproject Management Peak of Excellence to illustrate the varying degrees of technological and psychological maturity you’ll find in megaproject management today.

Technological Excellence

Today’s megaprojects are so complex that no human team can satisfactorily manage them alone. Teams need technology and machine intelligence to deliver projects effectively.


These teams are using hundreds of spreadsheets and Word documents to track their schedules, priorities, and resources. Communication is siloed across email, instant messaging, and in-person meetings.

Schedule data is either non-existent, incomplete, or inaccurate, making effective reporting and decision-making almost impossible. Large project components may be overlooked and left out of the schedule entirely.


These project teams are more realistic and data-oriented, but they are not open-minded. When problems and setbacks arise, leaders resist changing the course of action.

Project data is often heavily biased and used to justify existing decisions, rather than to inform new approaches. Overall, there is a misalignment between top-level project leaders and the day-to-day operations of the project. These projects almost always run over time.

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