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Intro graphic for Dr. Atif Ansar's talks with JSA about AI at DataCloud congress

Foresight Sponsors Datacloud Global Congress 2024

Transforming Construction Project Management of Digital Infrastructure Projects with AI

Foresight was proud to be a sponsor and exhibitor at Datacloud Global Congress 2024.

Project Management Platform

As the leading AI-enabled project management platform for major construction projects in the digital infrastructure space, our solution is used by data center and telecom builders across the globe to complete their projects on-time and on-budget.

We are at the forefront of one of the biggest topics at this year’s event: How to keep up with the demand for data centers driven by the compute needs of Artificial Intelligence. We have numerous customers in the data center space who appreciate how we help their teams collaborate, prioritize tasks, identify risks and learn from past projects.

Major Project Investments

At Datacloud Congress, Dr. Atif Ansar, Foresight’s Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, also had a chance to talk to JSATV, to break down the challenges of major project investments and how AI is transforming the way capital-intensive projects are managed.

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Webinar Transcription:

Allyson Whelan of JSA: Welcome to JSA TV, where we're covering the latest stories, trends, and innovations from leaders in digital connectivity, digital infrastructure, and the networks within. I'm Allison Wieland, coming to you live from beautiful Cannes in the French Riviera for DATA Cloud Global Congress 2024. And joining me is Dr. Atif Ansar of Foresight. Dr. Atif, thank you so much for joining us.

Dr. Atif Ansar of Foresight: Thank you very much for having me here. Of course.

Allyson Whelan of JSA: First, can you tell our viewers a bit about Foresight and what she does?

Dr. Atif Ansar on Construction Project Management for Data Centers

Dr. Atif Ansar of Foresight: Great. Schedule is king in big projects like building data centers. Yet nine out of 10 data centers run over time. We are a technology that helps people stay on track on their projects, coordinate better with their supply chain, and avoid disputes, and as a result, they can scale faster. At the moment, the data center market is absolutely exploding, so we're assisting with that scaling of the market.

Allyson Whelan of JSA: Nine out of 10, that's a very crazy stat to hear, right? What are you doing to combat those challenges of delivering major project investments and keeping things on time and on budget?

Dr. Atif Ansar of Foresight: One of the things with these major projects is that they're very complex. And schedule information is usually trapped inside two databases. One is called Primavera P6, the other is called Microsoft Project. They are products built by large tech companies out there. Really good tokens of record. But these data sets get lost in the heat of the project delivery. So we provide a layer of translation in which we're able to read that complexity and translate that into easy-to-understand reports and insights as well as execution workflows so everybody knows what they've got to do, when they've got to do it, and as a result, it becomes this continuous learning platform for the entire team.

Allyson Whelan of JSA: It's wonderful. Accountability and organization all built in there, right?

Dr. Atif Ansar of Foresight: And collaboration, coordination to go along with it.

Allyson Whelan of JSA: Yeah. AI, a major topic here at data cloud global, and something that we've heard about so much in the last year, how is AI changing? How is AI changing how capital-intensive projects are managed?

Dr. Atif Ansar on AI Project Management Tools

Dr. Atif Ansar of Foresight: I'm using AI in a broad term, including machine learning, as well as a variety of approaches because it's potentially an overused term, but a very powerful set of tools. So data is amazingly important for AI to work properly. Now, construction produces huge amounts of information on a minute-by-minute basis. Particularly with time and information, Foresight has got one of the world's largest proprietary libraries of historical schedules. There's a lot of information in them that's completely dark that we can learn from. So ways in which AI can help is really tapping into your organization's deep subconscious and revealing all of that information that has been produced but is not being meaningfully used in any way. And then even if it's structured, even if it's messy or fuzzy, there's still a lot of signal in that data. And we're able to convert that into real insight that helps you improve your profitability as well as delivery time skills.

Allyson Whelan of JSA: That's great. For viewers who might want to learn more about this or get back on track with their project, how can they reach out to you or connect with you and your team?

Dr. Atif Ansar of Foresight: Great. Well, check us out on At the same time, please reach out to me. We would love to show you a demo. It's very easy ... we don't disrupt your existing people or processes. If you think, "we have people, process, and tools," that's almost the order in which we think about it. People come first. In fact, we often talk about how AI is ultimately helping people deliver faster. Jobs are busy, so we don't want to disrupt people doing what they do best. But at the same time, it's very easy to see AI in action by simply uploading one of your schedules and testing it for yourself and then being blown away by the insights that come out of it instantaneously.

Allyson Whelan of JSA: Yeah. AI is a resource for us, right? Absolutely. Well, thank you, viewers, for tuning in, coming to Live from Data Cloud Global Congress. And be sure to reach out to Dr. AntiF and schedule that demo. Until next time. Happy networking.

Dr. Atif Ansar of Foresight: Thank you.

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