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Construction workers collaborating over megaproject

Megaproject Collaboration Best Practices - Webinar 

The human dimension to planning is more important now than ever to delivering megaprojects on-time and on-budget.

In the management of today’s complex projects, the planner can be seen as the conductor of a large orchestra. Coordinating a diverse team of stakeholders. The key to success is teamwork and communications.

Collaboration is thus a major part of the project management challenge. Rather than merely sitting in a back room magically creating and updating the schedule, the effective planner needs to proactively drive human interactions.

Watch a thoughtful discussion on this important topic featuring:

  Dimitrios Daskalakis, Program Controls Manager, Tel Aviv Metro
  Atif Ansar, Co-Founder, Foresight and Senior Fellow, Megaproject Management, Saïd Business          School, University of Oxford

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear from two of the leading experts on megaproject management.

Watch the Webinar



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