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How foresight supports your project management styles

How Foresight Supports Your Project Management Style

The most effective way to overcome project risks is through a robust, collaborative schedule. 

Easy-to-use tools like Foresight are designed to make a technical schedule transparent to the whole delivery team. But one of the biggest reasons why teams are hesitant to adopt the technology is because they are unsure of how to integrate it into their current project management methodology.

The good news is that Foresight can work with any methodology — no matter what systems or processes you have in place. In this article, we’ll explain how Foresight helps project teams and how you can integrate the software into your current methodology.

How can Foresight support our specific methodology?

Foresight works on top of your existing project management software to enhance that data with actionable insights. No matter what style of project management your team uses, Foresight can help keep your project on track and within budget. 

Some of the most common methodologies our customers use include the following:

  • AWP - Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) aims to align project stakeholders and improve project performance.
  • Lean construction - Aims to maximize stakeholder value while reducing waste by emphasizing collaboration.
  • IPD - Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) joins all parties involved in design and construction under one agreement.
  • Lean IPD - Combines lean management principles with a collaborative approach to maximize project outcomes.
  • PRINCE2 - PRojects In Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) is a linear and process-based approach that emphasizes organization and control.
  • APM - Agile Project Management (APM) focuses on breaking down large projects into smaller, more manageable tasks.

Irrespective of your methodology, you still need a schedule to manage your project. Foresight can help ANY project team enhance their P6 or MS-Project data with actionable insights and predictive analytics. 

How does Foresight work?

The schedule data in P6 or MS-Project is the single most important document of record in a project. It contains the list of activities, the dependencies, the durations, the aspirations as well as the contractual commitments of the project.

The problem, however, is that the schedule data becomes a technical black box that ends up at the periphery of a project. So that Primavera file becomes “dark data”— data that is produced but not used — and teams lose visibility of what’s inside of it.

That’s where Foresight comes in and brings these files into our AI Engine to put the schedule at the heart of project delivery. We open up that black box and enable it to be seen by the whole delivery team. It helps them bridge the gaps between planning and execution so that people can collectively work out what’s going on inside their program. 

Your Schedule Is the Key

A well-defined schedule is essential to implementing your methodology. Whatever methodology you are using to manage your construction project, you will have to build a schedule using P6 or MS Project. 

Foresight is methodology agnostic. As long as you are using Primavera or MS Project, we can give you the highest level of insight into your schedule data so you can more easily predict risks and plan your next steps with the click of a button. 

Are you ready to see how Foresight can enhance your schedule data? Schedule your demo today and see how it works.

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